Acne Treatment Program

The Skin Care Coach now offers a revolutionary Acne Treatment Program.

The acne program works very well for cystic, persistent acne or reoccurring acne. Clients that have tried other acne treatments and products without success will benefit and see results from our acne treatment program.

Certified Acne Specialist

The acne program consists of 4 weekly Hydradermabrasion treatments using our ATP acne solution. The ATP solution is not a chemical peel but a safe, organic and non-toxic topical solution applied to the skin during the treatment after exfoliation and extractions. The treatment is relaxing with little to no discomfort. In between treatments, clients apply the ATP topical solution on a daily basis as part of their skin care regime.


The proprietary acne solution works by killing P. acnes bacteria. The ATP solution also helps to restore the acid mantle, which protects the skin. The ATP solution can help to reduce scarring and heal damage while keeping the skin moist and soft.


The acne treatment program includes 4 in-office treatments performed by our certified acne specialist and one jar (one month supply) of ATP acne solution for home care.