Ageless Aging

Ageless Aging

We live in a society that pushes us to look and feel younger as we age, but youthfulness is not about your age. Youthfulness is a state of mind. It’s about your vitality and spirit. Youthfulness is about looking and feeling your best at any age. Aging is inevitable, but it can be celebrated and embraced while we strive to look and feel healthy and vibrant. There are many ways we can proactively support ourselves through this natural process.

We are what we eat has been repeatedly validated in medical literature. Individuals who eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, healthy grains, and lean protein tend to live longer and have less disease. Recent studies suggest that many foods can help to reduce disease and improve longevity. The spice turmeric, the compound resveratrol (present in grapes and red wine), omega-3 fatty acids, and green tea are just a few examples of foods that can improve health and help our skin look smoother and healthier.

To age well our bodies need to keep moving. Exercise does not have to mean hours in the gym every day. Simply spending less time sitting can have significant impact on our health. Make movement fun. Do something you enjoy to keep your muscles active and joints limber.

Caring for our skin can also keep us looking and feeling healthy. Maintaining skin health boosts confidence, which in turn affects the way the world receives us. Current skin care techniques can significantly improve skin quality and appearance, and can reduce the effects of cumulative sun exposure.

Engaging our minds is also necessary to stay healthy and vibrant. Learning new things encourages new neural connections. Getting out of your comfort zone pushes and nourishes your brain. Doing anything from learning a foreign language to taking a different route to work can enhance this process.

Currently, more and more individuals are experiencing stress on a daily basis. There is a link between chronic long-term stress and aging. A completely stress-free life does not exist. Develop techniques to offset the negative effects of stress on your body. Enjoy a bit of relaxation and fun every day, which could mean exercise, meditation, a warm bath, a good laugh with friends, yoga or a movie.

Getting adequate sleep also rejuvenates the brain while promoting a healthier appearance. Most growth hormone is produced during the deepest stages of sleep. Growth hormone promotes muscle growth, better brain health, and production of collagen, a protein that helps keep skin more elastic, smooth and healthy.

Being proactive about our health and caring for our minds and bodies makes aging truly ageless. And ageless feels good!