Experience Anti-Aging in a whole new light


GlycoAla® is a unique cosmetic photodynamic gel that is designed to help reduce and prevent the visible signs of aging. The active ingredient in GlycoAla is encapsulated and then combined with Hyaluronic acid. This state-of-the-art delivery system provides advanced skin results without expensive or risky procedures.


Combining hyaluronic acid with the powerful light-activated ingredient in GlycoAla®, along with an enhanced delivery technology, creates impressive visible results.

This unique photo facial is designed to help:

  • Reduce the look of pore size
  • Create the appearance of a softer, plumper skin texture and firmness
  • Reduce the effects of oiliness
  • Create more radiant skin
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and pigmentation

GlycoAla® is your answer to reversing the visible signs of aging without the downtime or discomfort often associated with more aggressive treatments.

How does it work?

After a thorough skin exfoliation, GlycoAla® is applied while you relax for 40 minutes.


You are then placed under a medical grade LED light panel to activate the product. You may feel a tingling sensation, but it is typically transient and dependent on the extent of sun damage you have.


The entire treatment takes 75-90 minutes.


There is no downtime but you need to avoid direct sunlight for 48 hours after the treatment. A wide brim hat and high SPF must be worn if you go outside.


GlycoAla® is a course of 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

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