Seeking PoreFection

Woman in mirror admiring her clear skin

Seeking PoreFection

Are you obsessed over the size of your pores? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of clients seek “porefection”.

Did you know you can’t technically change your pore size? It’s genetically determined.  Sorry but true.

I treat many clients concerned about the size of their pores. They want to “shrink their pores”.  So let’s review what is possible with pores.

It is possible to minimize pores. Depending on your genes, your pores will naturally change over time. Pores are more prevalent during your adolescent years. If you had large pores during adolescence you might see your pores naturally diminish as oil production decreases in your late 20’s and 30’s.  On the other hand, if you are someone with larger pores well into adulthood, there are products and treatments to help diminish pore size.

If you are actively trying to reduce your pore size, here are some tips:

Change what’s IN your pores that are making them appear larger, congested and more noticeable. I offer pore refining products and deep cleansers that do just that.  I also recommend and offer professional treatments such as HydraBrasion, Rezenerate™ treatments, Microneedling and LED treatments that reduce the appearance of your pores and keep them as small as possible.

If your pores are extremely clogged you will require professional extractions.  As a Certified Acne Specialist, I have more than a few tricks to clear congested pores without damaging the surrounding skin.  Plus, you will get education on how to keep pores less congested.

Always remember, if you can’t see your pores from two feet away no one else can either.  People are convinced that others see their pores, when in reality they are examining their pores with a 10x mirror every night. Magnification turns your pores into small planets.  Stay away from the magnification.  Look at yourself realistically.  Remind yourself you are beautiful.