Sun Damage & Brown Spots

Do you struggle with sun damage or brown spots?

As we age our skin can develop noticeable sun damage from many years of sun exposure. Brown spots seem to surface out of the blue and an even skin tone is a thing of the past.


Some people struggle with dark pigment or hyperpigmentation which causes uneven color and dark patches on the skin. Internal factors like hormonal changes and pregnancy can cause excess melanin production and lead to pigmentation issues. External factors like sun exposure and skin injury can also lead to hyperpigmentation. Skin inflammation can also cause dark pigmentation on the skin. People with acne often deal with dark post-acne marks. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


No matter the cause of your uneven skin color, we can help you get your healthy glowing skin back! We have professional treatment options and products just for you.


Not sure which treatment is best for you?

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